Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Read our Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the value of the monthly prize?

We will always offer a £250 voucher. The winner is able to select from the following stores: Amazon, Argos, Arcadia, ASDA, Babies R Us, Boots, Debenhams, Hamleys, John Lewis & M&S.

From time to time we will have sponsored prizes which means the prize on offer will be slightly higher.

Why is there only one winner?

There are no runners-up or prizes for the top 10.

How old can my baby be to participate?

Your baby can be between a few hours old up to the age of 4. (48 months) If your baby is turning 5 in the month of the baby ballot then he or she can not take part.

Which month is my baby participating?

The baby ballot is held monthly. If you enter in September you will participate in October. Our next ballot will be held in the 1st quarter of 2016.

I entered my baby but I don’t see his/her picture up on your website?

Our next ballot will be held in the 1st quarter of 2016.

If you’ve just entered, your entry will be screened, approved and uploaded for the relevant baby ballot. Your babies’ photo will only appear on the website in the participating month. If you enter in September you will participate in October’s ballot and the picture will only appear on the website on 1st October.

Provided you’ve supplied us with a valid email and mobile number we will keep you up to date closer to the end of the month and the beginning of the next baby ballot with how it all works. From time to time these emails may wonder into your spam folder, so please check this regularly.

Can I change my babies picture?

Yes, email with the new picture and we’ll make the change for you. Please allow 72hrs for this change to reflect.

I entered siblings but I’m only getting notifications about one of my babies?

Our system sees duplicate email addresses and mobile numbers as just that, duplicates and automatically deletes the details from the mail-ware software we use when emailing and texting you. If you enter siblings, provide a different email address and mobile number to avoid this.

Can I enter siblings and twins as one entry ?

Yes. Twins can be entered as one entry and as long as siblings are under the age of four years old (4yrs) and are shown in an image together they can be entered as one entry too.

Can I enter more than once during the month?

No. There is little point in doing so as only one entry will be approved and the others deleted. You only need to enter once.

How do I vote and how much does it cost?

There are 2 short codes available for voting:

Text CUTE to our short code followed by space and the babies’ unique code as it appears on the website.
(For example: For baby with unique reference number 211. For 1 VOTE, text CUTE 211 to our £0.50 short code 88833. For 25 VOTES, text 10CUTE 211 to our £10 short code 88833.

1 VOTE: Text CUTE to 88833. Each text will cost £0.50 + standard network rate message.
25 VOTES: Text 10CUTE to 88833. Each text will cost £10.00 + standard network rate message.

IMPORTANT: Votes can only be made from the UK. Each person can make a maximum of 60 texts per £0.50 short code and 3 texts per £10 short code. Please seek the phone bill payer’s permission before texting. Votes cast outside of the allotted period will not be counted but may still be charged.

How do I see how many votes my child has received?

You can’t. But we’re working on it with our tech team as we think this will be fun and more interactive. There is currently no technology on the market that makes this easy so we have to build something ourselves.

Explain how eliminination rounds work?

We determine at the beginning of the month, based on how many entrants we have, as to how many elimination rounds there will be. There will be no less than one and no more than three during any ballot. Voting criteria is set for each elimination round, for example, in the first elimination round we may eliminate babies who have less than 5 votes. And as the ballot progresses the elimination criteria gets stronger and stronger and more competitive.

But I really want to see how many votes my child has received!

Okay then, because you asked so nicely. If you email with your childs name a report will be generated and forwarded back to you. This takes 5-7 working days, so please be patient and you can only request this twice during the baby ballot month.

But I want a hourly/daily/weekly update on how my baby is doing.

And we want pink unicorns and magic fairy dust. We don’t always get what we want. We also have a business to run, a website to maintain and other My Cute Baby UK commitments.

I got my voting report but it looks incomplete?

The best way to explain this is with an example;

Sally enters her child Ben into My Cute Baby UK. Sally asks all her friends and family to vote for Cute Ben because she wants Cute Ben to win. Aunty May says that she’s voted for Ben, lots and lots of times but Aunty May hasn’t voted at all. This is the 10th baby ballot Sally has entered Ben into. Ben is only two months old. And Aunty May doesn’t want to hurt Sally’s feelings. And we don’t want to get Aunty May into trouble.

It’s against our data protection policy to reveal any of the mobile numbers of the people voting for your baby. We show you all the other data but we delete mobile numbers apart from your own as per your original entry. We don’t know your Aunty May but we will protect her and anyone like her.

Can I enter again?

Yes, you can! However your baby will be entered into the following month and his/her votes from the previous month will not be carried over.

Why not a panel of judges deciding the My Cute Baby UK winner?

My Cute Baby UK run a monthly interactive baby ballot not a subjective one. A panel of judges would be subjective in deciding who the monthly winner should be. We want our monthly baby ballot to be fun, interactive and entertaining.

Why don't you use a Facebook voting system for the My Cute Baby UK baby ballot?

The use of social media to cast votes is open to abuse and there is limited access to manage these votes fairly. It’s common practice in these circumstances for people to open ‘dummy’ accounts and votes can be bought. Facebook is only used as a communication tool for current and future participants.

What are your hours of operation?

Our website and Facebook page are accessible 24hrs a day however we work normal business hours which are 9:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday. From time to time a monthly baby ballot might start or end on a weekend day in which case our business hours might differ, however all email communication etc. is usually conducted during normal business hours.

My question hasn’t been answered here.

We’re sorry about that, we thought we covered everything. Please email with your question and we’ll get back to you with a reply within 24hrs. We might just add it here as it’s probably a good one!