I’m a parent. I have a cute baby. People tell me all the time that my baby is CUTE! So I entered my baby into a baby ballot…along with about 800 other babies…at a local shopping centre in my home town.

I thought he’d win.

He didn’t.

Neither did the other baby that was also in his age-group. And he was SUPER CUTE!!! (I remember thinking that this kid is going to win for sure, so I was surprised when he didn’t even place in the Top 10.)

That’s baby ballots for you.

So rather than moan about it I thought I’d try my hand at running my own baby ballot. And “ta-da”, just like that My Cute Baby UK came into being.

Now, let’s just be clear on one thing; I think ALL babies are cute. So in terms of being objective and able to pick a monthly winner? I’d fail. Miserably. Which is why I have nothing to do with who wins.

That’s where you come in.

I’ve created a website for other parents, like me, who think their child is CUTE and would like the world to know about it! Or at the very least their friends, family, work colleagues and anyone who stops by to admire their little one.

You could win a £250 voucher in the process.

I have big plans for My Cute Baby UK; what is fundamentally a baby ballot site right now is going to become a website for parents in the United Kingdom or anywhere really. With interesting articles, special offers, tips/advice, kidisms, pic of the week…you get the idea! So LIKE us on FACEBOOK and you won’t miss a beat.

Thanks for stopping by!

My Cute Baby UK Founder